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I’m Famous!

My sisters and nephew came into town this weekend to visit. He had a friends birthday party and I think its safe to say he needs his own car (ahem parents).  I haven’t seen him in a while so it was fun to see all his walking and talking… He sure is busy! I can’t get enough of the little guy.Travis 9/19

The little sister witnessed her first Fightin’ Texas Aggies football game where they took on the Nevada Wolf Pack in the legendary Kyle Field. We arrived just in time to see the kickoff and left right after the band. Perfect timing because it was HOT. Let me tell ya, this Texas heat is no joke! I have a lovely tan line from my cowboy boots… now that’s a first… and a beautiful sunburn outlining my necklace.

Tatum's First Game

The best part about the gameday festivities though is my interview with TexAgs Alex Parker answering questions about the new 485 million dollar stadium and what I thought the score would be. Now I’m not an expert at football, so no judging, but I was pretty spot on with my spread!! But basically now I’m famous.


Take a look at the video “The New Kyle Experience: Tailgating Texas A&M vs. Nevada here at TexAgs. There are some pretty funny responses to her questions! I pop up around 1:14.

TexAgs is a local sports news and forum for everything Texas A&M. If you haven’t yet check it out! TexAgs 

Oh and P.S. the Aggies won 44-27… my prediction was a bit off lol. Gig ‘Em!



Anyone who knows me knows that I have a major problem waking up in the morning. (Especially my two roomies sophomore year). I have the ability to single handedly sleep through not one but multiple alarms in the morning. One of two things happens when my alarm goes off in the morning, either I snooze through it without realizing, or I wake up and think “oh I have 5 more minutes” and then totally pass out for another hour. 8 a.m.s are the death of me… and I have them four out of the five days this year… help!

So I turned to my trusty iPhone and found a new app called CARROT².  This app is AMAZING! It is a hilarious, sadistic app that has no time for your sleepy head.  It makes waking up easier than ever for me. The app puts you through a series of tasks in the morning to make sure you really are up, no more just hitting the snooze button. If you try to snooze or sleep for too long, CARROT² gets M-A-D! And boy when it’s mad that will for sure wake you up.


Along with its excellent wake-up techniques, the app keeps track of “points.” You gain points if you wake up and respond to the tasks and you actually lose points if you oversleep. Then, after a certain number of points you are rewarded with different things each level. Talk about an addicting reward system! It is psychological way of getting you to wake up. When my alarm goes off one of my first thoughts is to complete the tasks so I don’t lose points! Weird but this thing really works. I totally recommend this app to anyone who has trouble waking up! The app costs $3.00 but it is totally worth it if being late is a problem for you.



I am hyperlinking the website to the app below. All images are from CARROT² Let me know what you think! Do you have a way to make yourself get up on time in the mornings?



First Post

I am really excited to start writing! As this is my first post I wanted to begin by explaining a little more about myself and the things that I want to write about on here.

First off, I love to write. I don’t know if anyone will even read this thing but it is simply a place for me to write stuff down. I totally believe that writing is good for the soul! I basically want to write about anything and everything that I feel like writing. My passions include beauty, fashion, fitness, food, books, crafting, music, faith, and my family! These are the things I am planning on sharing here along with my experiences in life.

So a little more about me. I started attending Texas A&M in the fall of 2012 and I am an Industrial Distribution major. I live with three of my best friends (plus the cutest dog Ralph) and I am so blessed with the experience I have had in college!


Most of my time I am studying for my classes or doing things (aka nothing) with my friends (mostly Chloe). I love reading and will do it whenever I have spare time! I am a hopeless Starbucks lover and I don’t know what I would do without my gold card. Mostly because it’s gold and sparkly.

1379037_659405997411040_2070817481_n (1)

I also have the best family imaginable and I am so thankful for every single person in it! I can’t imagine where I would be today without them. I have two sisters of which I’m in the middle. Three girls… poor dad! I also have the greatest brother-in-law and the cutest nephew in the world. I mean come on… you can’t help but to smile when you look at this kid!


I hope anyone who reads this blog enjoys it as much as I enjoy writing it! Share your comments and thoughts and don’t forget to follow me on social media for updates!



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